Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!
What we do when we are bored at our house!

Derek saw this bed at a yard sale today and said I like it. It was super cheap and I have been wanting to get one for a while now. So he was so excited when we got it home he kept jumping on it getting on and off squilling and my favorite laying down and kickong his legs up and down he was so fuuny and cute. I was worth the $20 we spent on it just to see him so cute with it!

Blake's first hunting trip with his Dad. It was the Archery hunt and he had to sit still in a blind for hours it doesn't sound fun to me but he had a blast. His Dad and his uncle told him he had to take a bite of teh liver. He thought that would be cool. Yes he really did YUCK! Anyway I think he had a good time with his dad !
Yes it has really been over a year since I last posted here is a cute picture of Derek with his mohawk. He almost always falls asleep on the way home from church.